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Grow Tents & Grow Boxes give you the cleanliness and control of your grow space. Select from our selection of grow tents & grow boxes for growing indoors. Save money with used tents. Indoor Grow Tents offer a convenient and practical way to create the ideal environment for your plants. Visit us often since our inventory is moving quick.
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In-Line Fan (8-inch) (used)

These powerful Inline Fans by Hydrofarm offer performance and super-quiet operation. Includes an 8 ft. power cord and mounting brackets.

• Built to last at a value price!
• Available in a wide range of sizes
• UL recognized components
• Ceramic-coated metal housing
• Thermally protected AC motor

8-inch, 720 CFM

In-Line Fan (8-inch) (used)
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Clip-On (used)

The Air King Clip-On Fan mounts just about anywhere and creates whisper-quiet airflow to cool rooms, prevent plant diseases and strengthen seedling stems.

• Two speed rotary switch control
• 3-paddle blades
• Adjustable tilt and 360° head pivot
• Spring loaded — holds tight without marking surface
• May be wall-mounted with a #8 x 3/4″ wood screw (not included)

Size: 6-1/4″ x 8″ tall

Clip-On (used)
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Max-Pro Series (6 in.) (used)

Proper greenhouse ventilation is a must, but using enough air to keep the temps down can be a noisy, energy-sucking mess. The Max-Fan Pro Series 6-inch changes the game. It looks like a jet engine yet pulls more air quietly and efficiently than you ever dreamed possible. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic makes it tough as nails but exceptionally lightweight — and blissfuly quiet.

• Three control speeds: 420 CFM high, 378 CFM medium, 291CFM low
• 3320 RPM; 69 watts
• Includes 120v power cord
• Meets all UL and CSA requirements
• Comes with EZ Mount brackets for simple installation

Weight: 6 lbs.

Max-Pro Series (6 in.) (used)
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CO2 System w/ Timer (used)

Deliver growth-boosting carbon dioxide with this easy to operate kit. The Active Air CO2 System includes a programmable timer that automatically maintains ideal PPM levels for optimal growth.

Small – Covers areas up to 10′ x 10′ (in stock)

Tank is not included.

CO2 System w/ Timer (used)
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Poly Rolls (NEW)


Black & White Poly is black on one side and white on the other. The white side is used for reflecting light back to your growing area (90% of all light). The black side prevents light filtration in to your indoor garden.

• Easy to cut and install
• Heavy duty plastic film is waterproof
• Black side blocks out light
• White side reflects — perfect for walls and floors!
• 3 ft. wide — folds out to 10 ft. wide

Available in 4 mil thickness.

Poly Rolls (NEW)
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Precise Cycle (used)

Automate any device requiring repeat cycles with the Autopilot Precise Cycle Timer by Hydrofarm. This versatile analog controller works on a wide variety of applications, such as CO2 systems, exhaust fans, hydroponic pumps, misters and much more!

• Works with 120V equipment, such as pumps and fans
• On duration spans from 15 seconds to 5 hour
• OFF duration spans from 15 seconds to 13 hours
• Functions 24 hours: day/night
• Built in photocell

Size: 6″ x 3″ x 4″, 15A max/120v

Precise Cycle (used)
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Air King - Pivoting Utility Blower 9550 (used)
Air King - Pivoting Utility Blower 9550 1/16 HP 310 CFM. Compact, portable blowers are great for use in shops, offices, homes, dormitories and other locations in need of high volume air circulation. Made using molded ABS plastic housing. Blowers offer 3-speed operation. Lightweight blowers include built-in carry handle for easy lifting. Impact resistant grills for safety. Utility blowers feature two grounded electrical outlets. OSHA compliant. 1 Year Limited Warranty. Horsepower rating based upon maximum speed/load.
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Clear air tubing 1 / 4" 250ft
Perfect for air stones (70017, 70018) and elite series air pumps (70013, 70014, 70015, 70016).
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Fogger 3.78 Liter / 1 gallon with float (used)
The Hurricane with Float dispenses both water-based and oil products, and is capable of dispensing insecticides, disinfectants, germicides and deodorizers. It is being used effectively in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, warehouses, greenhouses, schools and a wide range of other institutions and facilities. With an adjustable output of 0 to 5 gallons per hour, it gives the user the power and versatility to handle both small and large area applications, wherever an aerosol particle chemical treatment is desired.
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Light Meter (Digital)
The Active Eye Digital Light Meter is essential for accurately determining if your plants are receiving what they need for healthy growth and maximum production. Includes a life-time battery, recommendations and a convenient carrying case.

• Measures both HID lamps and sunlight
• Measures up to 40,000 foot-candles
• Convenient hand-held remote sensor
• 3 scales for precise readings
• Lifetime silicon cell

Grower’s Tip:
As MH and HPS bulbs age, their intensity drops, lumen output decreases and foot-candle (a measurement of illumination) readings weaken. Bulbs should be replaced every 6 to 12 months, regardless of the number of hours they’re rated for.
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Sun System Yield Master 8" Air-Cooled Reflector
Completely sealed featuring hinged glass and double gasket (between glass & reflector and glass & frame) for an air-tight seal. Includes tempered glass, built-in socket and 15 ft lamp cord. Highly reflective aluminum interior for excellent reflectivity and diffusion. Swing Stop® retention cable keeps glass from abruptly swinging down. Captured thumb screws & closure mechanism for ease of use and excellent sealing. Air-cooling flanges have a bead ring to keep ducting securely in place. Powder-coated galvanized steel housing.
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Sun System Yield Master 6" Air-Cooled Reflector
Completely sealed featuring hinged glass and double gasket (between glass & reflector and glass & frame) for an air-tight seal. Includes tempered glass, built-in socket and 15 ft lamp cord. Highly reflective aluminum interior for excellent reflectivity and diffusion. Swing Stop® retention cable keeps glass from abruptly swinging down. Captured thumb screws & closure mechanism for ease of use and excellent sealing. Air-cooling flanges have a bead ring to keep ducting securely in place. Powder-coated galvanized steel housing.
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Gardening Indoors
Here’s the most comprehensive manual we could find on the expanding world of growing under year-round protection: The Fifth Edition of Gardening Indoors with Soil and Hydroponics by George Van Patten.

Inside this book:
• More than 670 full color photos, drawings, charts and graphs
• Clear instructions on specific techniques* Best practices for any indoor growing, whether your crops are edibles or exotic tropical specimens
• Tips on troubleshooting common problems

This guide has been a bestseller since 1986, giving a new generation of growers excellent tips and techniques used by people with years of experience with greenhouses, lighting, growing media and more! Paperback; 374 pages.
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Blade Lubricant
Sterilize and oil your hand clippers with a few squirts of Trim Fast Blade Lubricant! This food grade substance keeps any shears, snips and trimmers in great shape for smooth cutting. The oil-free liquid sterilizes the blade without harsh chemicals and seeps into the blades’ micropores, reducing sap and plant residue — and improving the cutting action.


• Safe for use around edible and ornamental plants
• Clean blade action reduces hand fatigue
• Easy application
• Suitable for any tool
• Prevents cross-contamination from diseased plants

Available in 4 oz. spray bottle.

Grower’s Tip:

Apply before storing tools for the winter, and in the spring they’ll be free of rust and corrosion!
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Bucket Screen
One simple step can give your plants a fine foundation. The Bucket Screen Compost Sifter takes your chunky, nearly-there collection of plant material and shakes it into a finely-blended nutrition cocktail. Place a forkful of your best broken-down yard and garden leftovers, give it a few shakes, and the tough stems, bark and rough organic matter stay behind, leaving a perfectly textured soil amendment. Fits most 3, 5 and 7 gallon buckets!


• Ideal for homemade soils and fertilizers
• Sturdy construction is built to last
• Includes finger handles for easy use
• Works as a harvest basket too!
• Made in the USA

Size: 12 in. round x 2 in. deep

Grower’s Tip:

For best results and texture, make sure materials are dry to slightly damp (not wet) before screening.
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Buckets (5 gal.)
Perfect for all kinds of applications! This sturdy 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket is tough as nails and will hold its shape, regardless of use. May be stacked on top of one another to save space during storage… and they separate easily! Color: Black.

• Ideal for building your own hydroponic system
• Great for storing and transporting liquids/ solids
• Use as a reservoir in simple hydroponic systems
• Steel carrying handle with ergonomic grip
• Perfect for growing plants

Grower’s Tip:

When building your own Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic system, we suggest using black plastic to keep light out. Algae requires light to survive and will compete with plants for valuable nutrients. Also, as algae blooms, dies and degrades, it removes valuable oxygen from the system and can damage root systems.
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Love the garden, but hate the ground-in dirt that gets into every crevice in your hands? Can-A-Wipes removes the grit, the smell and the oils that attach to you after a big work session. These pop-up wipes are perfect to keep in the truck for a quick freshen-up before the next client or job. No harsh chemicals, either!


• Kick-butt cleaning that won’t strip your skin!
• Glycerin, lanolin, aloe, and vitamin E for moisturizing power
• Perfect for hands, tools and even fabric!
• Takes on grease, resin, ink, permanent markers, odors, oil and more!
• Simple, fast and effective!

Available size: 30-Pack, 10″ x 12″ Pre-Moistened Sheets

Grower’s Tip:

Gets rave reviews as a stain remover too, taking on everything from paint to salsa!
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Electric Atomizer
Ideal for pest control, foliar feeding & more! Use the HD Hudson Atomizer Sprayer to apply a wide variety of garden chemicals, including wettable powders. The perfect 120V electric fogger for any sized job, its fine mist will penetrate pest hiding spots and other “hard-to-reach” areas.


•Capacity: 2-gallon
• GPH: 1.5 to 14
• Particle Size: 22-46 (microns)
• Range: 13.5 feet
• Weight: 12.9 lbs

Owner’s Manual (PDF)

Fill with solution and turn “ON” to thoroughly cover plants. Once operating, the discharge rate can be adjusted from FINE (1.5 – 3.5 gallons per hour – droplet size of 22 microns) to HEAVY (6 – 14 gallons per hour – droplet size of 46 microns).
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Electronic Timer
You can have lush, healthy plants without watering by hand! Hydrofarm’s Electronic Water Timer attaches neatly to your garden hose without additional wiring or setup. Two dials allow you to set the watering schedule so your garden is nourished and you have more free time!


• Watering intervals from one hour to one week apart
• Set watering time from 1 minute to 2 hours
• Analog system runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Compatible for sprinklers, drip irrigation and soaker hoses
• Perfect for vacations, second homes or everyday use

Grower’s Tip:
For a more drought-resistant lawn, water your grass deeply and intermittently. Short daily watering establishes a shallow root structure that won’t stand up well during a dry spell or a long vacation.
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Extension Cords
The Hydrofarm Heavy-Duty Extension Cord (12 ft. long) includes a molded outlet for longer life and 14 gauge cord for maximum safety.


• 14 gauge with grounded plug for maximum safety
• Extra sturdy molded outlet for longer life
• Includes THREE 15 amp outlets
• Indoor use only


120V (1800 maximum watt)
240V (3600 maximum watts)
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